What can I say? My specialty is delivering custom tailored communication solutions for businesses and professionals who want to engage more effectively. By connecting thoughtfully with your clients, staff, stakeholders and potential new customers, you’ll strengthen your brand as well as build meaningful conversations that get the good word out.


“Genevieve Sovereign brings deep expertise, professionalism and a can-do attitude to every project. Her ability to work to tight deadlines, constantly add value and deliver to high standards makes her a pleasure to do business with.”  – Yamini Naidu




I’d be delighted to write, edit and/or manage your newsletter. Do you need an emailing list or newsletter template set up? I can help with that too. For a limited time, I’m offering complete newsletter production and management at the following special rates (additional setup fees may apply).


MONTHLY @ $200 per month | FORTNIGHTLY @ $300 per month | WEEKLY @ $400 per month


Simply identify the key elements you want included in each issue, and I can take care of the rest. The Slow School of Business’ fortnightly newsletter is a prime example of my complete newsletter production and management service:


Writing services


INTENSIVE | Material custom written to fully align with your brand image, messaging and purpose
Let the voice of your brand ring loud and clear, keeping customers engaged and continuing the conversation
For example: pieces I produce for The Slow School of Business Community Blog at slowschool.com.au/blog


SUMMATIVE | Material purpose written around key references and supporting info you provide
When you’ve got the ideas and just need someone to distil them into first-rate communication
For example: newsletter for Cheung’s Wing Chun Kung Fu Academy at



Editing services


COMPREHENSIVE | Thorough review with recommendations on structure, phrasing and word choice
You pretty much know what you need to say, and simply want it made more impactful and polished
For example: comprehensive editing of Yamini Naidu’s blog content at yamininaidu.com.au/blog-2


SUPPORTIVE | Light-touch edit and proofread for spelling, grammar and typos
Ensure that typos, Freudian slips and common grammar gaffes don’t undermine your message or brand image
For example: supportive editing of the Carolyn Tate & Co website at carolyntate.co



Business communications


Active for more than a decade in the professional communications space, my expertise spans numerous sectors and business areas. I’m adept at applying the written word to any professional context, and leveraging my cross-disciplinary insight to produce…


Business communications


…And much more. Effective communication moves beyond superficial labels and buzzwords into real, authentic connections. If you’re keen to reach customers and engage stakeholders on a deep level – let’s start a conversation.


Drop me a line at genevieve at gsovereign.com.au