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Crowdfunding amongst friends, or, a month hitting Refresh

  “Would you consider blogging about the crowdfunding event sometime after Thursday?”   Well sure, Carty. How could I resist such e-charm? Besides which, crowdfunding campaigns have always fascinated me and this is the first I’ve been lucky to observe from planning through to (forthcoming) conclusion. Years in the making…

Wind in the pages

  Dawn is when primordial dreams go to sleep for another day. Dawn is when singular, more refined and commitment-molded dreams resurface. The rising sun invites incandescent exploration of cause and effect – where every nook and cranny is illuminated for closer inspection by a wandering gaze.   But while…

Reflecting on an intro to counselling

  Currently wrapping up an introductory counselling course for my psychology postgrad studies, and have found it an eye-opening experience. Although somewhat stuffy – catering for academia as it is – the below assignment I recently submitted captures several important aspects of my outlook these days! Would love to learn…

Capoeira: when words are chameleons

  If you’ve never seen the Brazilian martial art of capoeira in practice, I recommend you take a few minutes now to browse YouTube. You’ll be in for some truly breathtaking feats of human dexterity, like these:     Part dance style, part acrobatic technique, part combat training – one…

A blog for every season

  Well then. My new website is finally up – and looking great, if I do say so! Although far from my first foray into blogging, I’m definitely feeling the excitement of a new adventure as I sit here typing under Australia’s late summer sun.   Purpose and clarity. That’s…