Wind in the pages

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June 13, 2016


Dawn is when primordial dreams go to sleep for another day. Dawn is when singular, more refined and commitment-molded dreams resurface. The rising sun invites incandescent exploration of cause and effect – where every nook and cranny is illuminated for closer inspection by a wandering gaze.


But while the stars are out, it’s all a question. It’s all an experience and a possibility. Of course artificial lighting was, in a way, invented to dispel that mystery. Its purpose is to extend the daylight dream into a weary saga, paused only when the dreamer tires enough to let primordial dreams back in. It extends and reinforces the dream of constancy and control.


Transitioning between these dream states seems one of the greatest challenges. The dream of connecting constants has no time for play in the darkness. The dream of endless possibility resents submitting to dry, sun-baked singular realities.


The tension swings back and forth, each day and night. The balance always changes, with sun always following moon. Neither can ever win because they are two sides of the same paper holding our story. Even at the end, one side does not gain over the other. Where the page ends, air begins.


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